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Term of Use and Disclaimer

Here we have categorically mentioned Terms and Use and Disclaimer and strongly recommend you to abide by the following. Terms of Use is directed for the welfare of our website and we advise every user to kindly follow the Disclaimer Policy and Terms and Use. We keep updating time to time our policies so we recommend you to follow the policies at a regular interval.

Term of Use
» Copyright : All the content is protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws under Indian cyber law. Apart from written content, images, HTML codes, multimedia clips and other materials are also protected. Legal action may have taken against person/organization who incorporate our material into other websites or use it for personal purpose without prior written permission from kore-voyages.

» License : We have an exclusive right for the product and services we offer to our clients. Any sort of reproduction of product and services by any third party without any prior written permission is strictly fallen under the license policy of Indian cyber law. Despite of providing limited license to user to display or print the material, or to use the email services and Internet links, we strongly recommend not to reproduce the material for any commercial purpose. We also advise you to destroy the copy if you have already breached any of the Terms of Use.

kore-voyages has reserved all rights of this website. The information provided here is for general use and not for any commercial purpose. Any material whether in electronic or print form cannot be reproduce without prior written permission from kore-voyages. Also kore-voyages is no way responsible for the accuracy of information including the content or the advertisement. Kore-voyages is not responsible for any error occur during the usage of the site. Also kore-voyages do not guarantee of the accuracy of information in the form of download material, images , any advertisement or any services or offer link to this site. Opinion, publication, statement or any advise made available on this site or any other site linked to this site is solely that of various sources and kore-voyages is not responsible for any such write-ups.

The information provided in this site are from different sources such as aired, published, traveler's tale etc. We duly regard the outside and our own sources and no way breach any copyright issue. It is important to note that any link of website that linked to our site is not our product or associates. In matter whatsoever, kore-voyages or its representatives are not liable to you for using other links or products of other websites. We are not responsible any direct or indirect ill consequences whatever.

Computer Viruses : We have given our best effort to avoid the nuisance of computer viruses and spy wares. We are not responsible if your computer is infected with viruses after entering our website, we advise you to take appropriate safeguards.

Any breach of this notice would entail severe civil and criminal penalties.

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